Do you know why the child loses appetite and what to do to get it back?

26 October

Sometimes parents are faced with the difficulty when the child acts up at the table and doesn’t eat. This can be a temporary loss of appetite, but it does happen that the child has no appetite for a long time, and it can be the cause for worry.

You need to find out the reasons of the start of the appetite loss. The reasons may be simple enough, such as the child reallyisn’t hungry, or tired, or broke the appetite by sweets. But in these cases, the child eats reluctantly,but doesn’t refuse to eat at all. The appetite returns after some time.

Some children have no appetite for several days and it can be the cause for worry. This absence of appetite is probably a symptom of the inceptive disease, such as acute respiratory disease. You shouldn’t scold the child for his whims at once;maybe his whim is the body reaction to the disease. Parents should measure the temperature of thechild and ask if he has something hurts. If the child got sick, you should give him easily digestible food and more drink.

It’s maybe that the child has the low hemoglobin. In this case you need to follow thedoctor’s prescription after getting the blood test results, and to add to the children’s menu the foodenriched in iron and vitamin C.

To increase the appetite and hemoglobin the child needs to walk in the street before and after lunch. Walk outside has a favorable effect on blood circulation and nervous system. Also swimming has a good effect on the nervous system and increases the blood circulation. When the child is swimming then the energy costs increase the need for food.

Sometimes the child may refuse to eat because of the same dietary and oversaturation by various elements. Try to change the dietary. A good method to raise the appetite and mood is to create interesting dishes with cartoon characters or just "smiles" on the plate.

The absence of appetite may be due to emotional stress. Fear, resentment, anger and other negative emotions can be the cause of theappetiteloss.Children not always cantake out their emotions, so stress can come off physiologically. In this case, parents should pay attention to the atmosphere in the family or at school. They need to find out the cause of stress, and then get rid of it. During recovery you can give the child his favorite dishes, and extend the dietaryafter the return of the appetite.

As a teenager in the pursuit of a slim figure, boys and girls can provoke the development of psychological diseases like anorexia or bulimia. It is important to pay attention to the continuous absence of the appetite accompanied by the weight loss. In this case you should refer to the specialistimmediately.

The continuous loss of appetite not always can be the cause for worry, when you should takethe child to the doctorimmediately. However, if you notice that the child refuses to eat for several days, and this is accompanied by irritability, weight loss, symptoms of the disease, in this case you need to talk with your child about his health and consult a doctor.

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