Do you know when the first children's friendship appears and what friendship means to preschooler?

11 October

Communicating with peers is an important activity which is formed in the child onlyat the preschool age. When the child is a year old he already has the ability to focus on his peers. But the phenomenon of children's friendship develops only by 5-6 years.

The main difference of child's communicating with his peers from communicating with adults is that the parent or other adult person for the child is authority. And children can doubt the opinion of their peers. Ability to argue and defend their point of view is very useful for the little intellectual. Child communicates with peers on a new level, because only with them he can stand on one stage in communication. It is also very important for the child to compare his skills and abilities with the abilities of another child, draw conclusions and learn to evaluate himself and others. These are the most important momentsfor the socialization of the child.

Communicating with peers is more emotionally filled and more varied than communicating with adults. The child assumesthe important sides of character such as empathy and compassioncommunicating with other children. The child feels much more free to demonstrate his own initiative.

There is such a thing as the communicative intelligence, in other words this is communication skills. It is developing very rapidly in children communicating with peers, so it is very important and useful to put the child to kindergarten.

Children's friendship is a special phenomenon. Adults should not interfere in it even if you don’t like your child’s friends. For children friendship is a very valuable tool for personal and mental development. So don’t prevent the child finding friends. We can say that for a preschooler the friendship is the one of the most important things in life. The self-esteem and the self-confidence of children of preschool agedepends on friendship.

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