Do you know what determines the birth of twins and what features do they have?

22 October

The birth of twins occurs about once every 90 births. There are moremoms of twins among the black race, and less among theAsian women. Generally the birth of twins is an amazing natural phenomenon which is interesting as for the ordinary people and for the scientists. Of course there are much more amazing cases: the birth of triplets, four, five, six, etc. But we’ll talk about them another time.

Scientists have found out the following interesting facts about the birth of twins:

1. The older mother is, the more likely she can give birth to twins. But the probability to have twins is lower after 40 years.

2. That’s really impossiblein fact todistinguish betweenmonozygotic (identical) twins. But they still have different fingerprints so this is a unique characteristic. And sometimes it happens that identical twins are born of evendifferent sex. In fact, there are 7 types of twins and there are marked the famous "Siamese" twinsamong them.

3. 22% oftwinsarelefthanded. This figure is much higher among them than among ordinary people (10%). It often happens that one of the twins is right handed, the other is left handed. Sometimes it comes to a complete mirror: even the hairs on top arecurling in opposite directions. Thenumberof "mirror" twinsis 25% ofthetotal.

4. Twins are not always born in the same day. The largest known break in the birth of twins is 85 days.

5. It can be that the twins have different fathers. This happens if a woman's monthly ovulation occurs twicewith the time difference between them.

6. The birth of not all types of twins is inherited, but only the birth of dizygotic. Thebirthofidenticaltwinsisalwaysachance.

7. Fraternal twins can be so different that they can have even different color skin.

8. Twins can have different gestational age and then they can develop with a large difference in time (one of them starts to walk first, talk first, etc.).

9. Twins who were brought up separately can show very similar hobbies, interests, and personality structureafter their reunion. Twins, who were brought together, sometimes have a real enmity and hatred, but more often they are friendly.

10. Scientists believe that the number of possible cases of twins’ births is much greater than the number of their actual births. That is, for various reasons, the uterus develops and then gives a birthto only one fetus, though it might be twins.

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