Do you know how to teach the child to appreciate colors?

01 November

The human eye can differentiate between hundreds thousands of colors. According to some physiologists, painters can observe up to 10 million color variances. A newborn baby can distinguish light and dark shades of subjects. The first color that is available for the perception of the baby is yellow, then that are red and orange, and then after - blue and green. And already to 6monthsthe baby can recognize more complex colors, such as purple and pink. Knowing the peculiarities of colors perception will help parents in choosing the first rattles.

From the physiological point of view, the process of perception and color differentiation for the child in the next 6 months is not a problem. Problems may be with the child’s ability to separate this subject factor exactly from the other factors and tocall colorcorrectly. At first, the baby sees everything as a whole: the ball of red color is the "red ball", and the brick of red color is the "red brick".At the beginning it's hard for the child to define how two objects aresimilar and differ. To teach the child to perform this easily, you should pay attention to form thecolor standards, as well as improving the color perception of the child.

Wherever the child and whatever he does, you should pronounce constantly the color of various objects, point out their differences and similarities. You may begin such lessons at the first months of child’s life. However, the most effective age to teach the child to distinguish colors is the age when the child is 2-3 years.

Parents can use educational games to sort objects by color, which will also help on the development of logical thinking, to improve the analysisability and classification of objects on the defined set of attributes. The example of such game can be the "Postman"game, when the child is given a stack of letters in different colors and offered to carry them in the houses of the corresponding lettercolor. Thehousescanbepillowsorchairs.

Also good game can be the"Find incorrect"game.You can build tracks in different colorsof colored blocks. In each of the tracks, you can add one or two wrong colors and offer the child to correct this mistake. Thenyou can use the animals’ figures of different colors and move the animals according to the color of the track. You can make this  more active for the child. Using the"Twister" gameyou can offer the child run on the tracks of the circles of a certain color.

Suchactivitiesas sculpture from plasticine and paintingcan very useful for developing of the distinction between colors. It’s better to start teaching colors with yellow, red and blue. First you can offer your child to paint the coloring bookwith specific colors. You should pronounce the names of colors with the smallest children during thisexercise.

Difficult task is food for brain. Parents can mix up the color of the object, and then offer your childto correct it if he finds the mistake. For example, you can paint the carrot in blue, andmake the sun in green. The childsurely will want to correct the mistake.

You can use a small focusto introduce the child to more complex colors. You need to mix pure colors into the transparent jars including white and black paints. You can add a bit of colored water, for example, mix the red paint with the yellow paint, and the water will change color to orangeto the child’s surprise. You can give your child the opportunity to experiment with the colors by himself; don’t forget to give the names to colors.

Already at 4-5 years the child can talk about the division of colors into warm and cold colors. The best thing is to use bright, contrasting colors. So this way you can paint the desert using yellow and green shades, and on another sheet of paint show "cold" country in blue colors. 

The child will always be surrounded by a variety of colors where he needs to be oriented. For some persons it becomes a profession. Simple games with colors will help to develop the ability to appreciate colors. The Little Beetle Company offers "Mix 2 Color", the excellent application for iPad, where the child learns not onlyto distinguish colors, but also mix them to get different variances.

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