Do you know how to prepare the first-born for the birth of a second baby?

12 October

The child may express his desire to have brother or sister, but he may not realize that he will have to share everything with him including parents. This is not enough just tell the kid thatanother baby will appear in the familysoon.

You can try the following recommendations to prepare the child for the birth of another baby more properly:

1. Try to associate the upcoming event with specific moments of life: "What a beautiful tower you have built. When you have a little sisterwillyou teach her to build the same?"

2. Point out that the eldest child is your support and assistance and you rely on him. Speak to him as an adult. "My daughter, a little baby will appear in our house soon. We will have more cares all at once. Just the two of us me and your dad can’t cope with it. That’s great that we have you. Will you help us?"

3. You can consult with the first-born what name has be chosen for the baby, what color diaper to buy or where to put the crib. You can find compromises and concessions when your opinions are different. Respect to the senior’sopinion will let him feel involved with current events, and won’t let him feel in the middle distance.

4. Try to arouse your child’sinterest to a new family member after the birth paying attention to personality of the baby. This is quite normal if the elder child do not show much sympathy for the after-bornasthis is a new person for him.

5. Keep the promise allowing elder child to make a contribution to the care of the younger one. Point outthat help of the first-born is very important for you. When bathing youngerask the elder child to sing so the baby would not cry. Be sure to thank him for this. Also thank him walking with the baby and say that without him you would be very hard.

6. This is desirable to encourage any child’sdemonstration of attention and care to the younger one even if it's a hassle for you. Probably you will have to rearrange that the older child will make, but let him feel responsible.

7. Do not make the elder childcare of the younger. The parents decided to have a second childand this is the responsibility of parents to take care of baby. Elder child cares not because he has to, but because it is interesting.

8. Don’t deprive the eldest child of his previous "baby" status. With the appearance of the second child the eldest did not have time to change, he is still the same age. "You're the eldest", or "You're an adult" are phrases that parents like to say when they want to get something done or blamed formisconduct and bad behavior.

Using these recommendations you will help the first-born to join to the care of younger and to avoid aseparation from his family. He will continue to feel your love for him despite the appearance of a new family member.

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