Do you know how to not to spoil the child?

16 October

The spoiled child is stressful for others. Very often parents themselves and other relatives who live permanently with the child, do not realize that they have made a very big mistake.They have spoiled the child. Moreover, many adults, especially moms with dads and grandparents, don’t want to accept the fact that their child is growing very spoiled. However the child will not always be in the closed circle of the family. The worst thing for the spoiled child is a clash with the rough reality.

When does the danger to spoil the child appear? Most psychologists have concluded that up to 8 months the child needs caress in the unlimited quantities. All children’swhims should be performed immediately, asthat is not the whim of the child, but the important physiological and psychological needs. If you leave the infant helpless, screaming and crying, without attention, it canform his neurosis in the future.

Whenthechildis 8 monthsold youshouldextend thecarefulness. In fact there are three simple rules to avoid spoiling the child.

Rule 1.The sequence. In any case don’t disregard the misconduct and unacceptable behavior of the child. And if you promised to punish for some offense you have to perform it, even if it is formally. Do not intimidate the child with idle threats.It is better looking for the most effective methods of pedagogical influence instead of dictatorship and violence.

Rule 2.The consentience.All family membersassist in the educational process. Andthey should have a single point of view in all matters of education. If mother scolds and grandmother encourages for the same acting, it will lead to the most deplorable effect. Get all together to the family council to eliminate any possible disagreements and restrictions over the child education.

Rule 3.The adequateness.Keep to the adequate personal values. It sometimes happens that the child can be only gently chidden for thefight, and can be strongly punished for the broken vase. The childis disoriented in the system of human values by such actions. The gravity of punishment should always correspond to the gravity of the offense. But try to find other teaching methods influence than threats, psychological abuse, shouting and dictatorship.

Sowhatthesemethods can be? In its simplest form, you should use only the phrases "You must not" and "Good for you"to control the behavior. Don’t run to extremes.Don’t lavish sweets and gifts on the child for every good thing that he did.And don’t use any type of slaps and cuffs. Remember, the child should be well-bred, but not submissive.

Don’t forget to encourage the child withthe affectionate praise at least. In this way you can achieve great success in early education. The verbal praising and the approval of parents are the great valuefor the preschoolers. You shouldn’t use the material or other ways of praising.

For example, we, the Little Beetle Company, use the method of verbal encouragement for every achievement in many of our children's educational applications such as "Russian Alphabet" or "123 ZOO".The preschooler can learn to read and countvery easy and fun with these applications.

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