Do you know how to deal with teasers about carrot hair?

18 October

Red hair color will not remain unseen even in a large crowd of people. Surely the carrots will attract the attention of others. They are called as "sun people". Different epithets andtall stories were made up about carrot people for ages. Their rich hair color and freckles on their nose and cheeks aroused both admiration and circumspectionat all times.

Carrot hair is a recessive trait. This means that the child must inherit by one carrot hair gene from each parent. Recessive genes are often found in pairs, and more often than other people carrots can be left-handed. Scientists discovered that the carrots have less hair on the head, but their hair is much thicker than people with a different hair color have. British biologists have found that the age of the gene responsible for the "golden" color of hair, the fair skin and freckles is from 50 to 100 thousand years.

The ancient Greeks believed that red haired people become vampiresafter death. During the witchhunt times in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, many women were burned at the stake just for the fact that they were red haired. Egyptians sacrificed them to Amon-Ra God to get a good crop. Redheads personified the goldenspirit of grain.

At this moment the attitude to the red-haired is changed, but still in the infancyyou can hear different teasersfrom other kids to the red-haired boy or girl. Psychologists advise parents not to intervene in thechildren’s conflict to the view because it doesn’t change the relationship of other children to your child but even can make worse: your child is in danger of becomingfrom the "red haired - freckled" to the "mummy's boy"or to "sneak". Thechildren certainly will not accept the sneak into their company. Theintervention of a teacher also can hardly help: most likely this will lead to the isolation of the child in the circle of peers. And besides, if you stand up for the child not allowing tosolvehis problemshimself and your "intercession" doesn’t help, you will just loose his respecting you.

Try to explain that the person who is completely happy and pleased with himself, his appearance, his character and self-confident, would not pay attention to the shortcomings of others.

How to deal with the offenders and to remain at that the uninhibited person?

The psychologists advise not to show how these "teasers" areoffensive and not to let somebody see that you take them to heart. For example, Dr. Brett offers to explain to the child that he shouldn’t show to offenders his tear that will only whet them.

Also try to explain why you want him to cope with the situation by himself: if the other children see that their "teasers" don’t work, they'll just get off back.

You can try this method: "play" with the child in the "actor" or "special agent", who was instructedto the difficult mission - working undercover. Try to "develop" his rolewith him: friendly, open person who doesn’t take offense over trifles and tries to help everyone, because he's a bit smarter than the rest, and he doesn’t show this in the "bumptiousness ", but in caring for others. Discuss his successes and failures in communicating with childrenin the evening. Let the child try a different pattern of behaviorbut being himself.

Parents contribute to the favorable development of the child personality regardless of his featureshelpinghim in such situations.

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