The three dimensional "Puzzle Bricks" for the iPad/iPhone are just like the real ones!

02 November

It is impossible to imagine any house wherethere is a babywithout the bricks. It’sthe most popular and desired game of all the educational games for the kids. You can think of a lot of gameswith the bricks, you can putpictures together or build houses, and others. Psychologists recognize the bricks as the first and most important tool for thechildren’s development.

The Little Beetle Company has beenalways having a lot of suggestions for thechildren’s development and education of different ages. Our "Puzzle Bricks" application has found a new life with the creation of its new 2.0 version.

This update was a very large and important. The "Puzzle Bricks" application was significantly improved and became more functional. The most fundamental changes were made to the first"Picture Bricks" section.

The first thing to note is that now this section contains not 6 categories as before, buteven 8. There are "Dinosaurs", "Fishes" (new categories), "Birds", "Animals", "Flowers", "Insects", "Vegetables", and "Fruits". Each of them contains 6 colorful pictures of flora and fauna creatures. Having defined the category you can choose the level of difficulty.

This is where it starts the main innovations. Now the game is available in 3 difficultymodes. The Easy mode - the picture is divided into 4 bricks;the Medium mode - 6 bricks; the Hard - 9 bricks. Now a child can put pictures together regardless of their order, just as he likes it more.

Once the picture is ready, it is marked with a tick. Then the bricksare shuffled again in a random order. The implementation of the three dimensional rotation of bricks with no doubt will delight the children; the bricks rotate just like the real ones. In the new 2.0 version,the rotation of bricks wasgreatly improved and now they are free to rotate in any direction.

Such games with the bricks are very useful for the development of fine motor skills, for the stimulation of the development of logical and creative thinking. Also you can use it for the child’s education as the bricks are divided into categories. The interactive "Puzzle Bricks" from Little Beetle can acquaint your child with many species of flora and fauna.

In the second "Logic Bricks"section, you will also find the improved 3D-effect rotating bricks, and new pairs of associations. The mechanism of the game remains the same; the child will need to rotate the second brick selecting a picture that matches to the first brick. This game is extensively developing associative thinking of the child.

In the 2.0 version of the "Puzzle Bricks" from Little Beetle you will see the optimized graphics. There were added the animation, new pictures, and many of them were redrawn. Now the "Puzzle Bricks" are available for devices with the Retina-display in the full version. The 2.0 versionwas filled with new sounds and graphic design elements. In addition, our programmers made a very serious work to optimize the application, so now it runs very smoothly, without any failing.

In the "Puzzle Bricks" you will find a special feedbackform to contact to the developers,same as in all updated applications from Little Beetle. Don’t forget to use it; we are looking forward to your suggestions and comments. Here you will also find the active links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Using the children's educational application "Puzzle Bricks" by Little Beetle, you can use your iOS-device to start the development and learning of the child at an early age. Even the toddlers, which had not even celebrated their first birthday, are very enjoyed playing our "Puzzle Bricks". Andthe more complex games with the bricks will be good for 3-4 year old children.

We sincerely wish for your kids the great progress in the development and learning!

Download fascinating "Puzzle Bricks" from Little Beetle.

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