"Kids Mosaic" is the best aid for the intellect and imagination development

18 October

In ancient times, people praised their idols and decorated temples built in their honor by beautiful mosaics. Mosaic is a composition of a complete picture of heterogeneous pieces. There is definitely some kind of magicin this action.You can see how different pieces added together open to your eyes a whole new and complete perception of the picture. The word "mosaic" comes from the Greek word "Muse". In ancient times thegoddesses were called “Muses”thatbestowed inspirationto poets, actors, artists and musicians. Mosaic definitely has to do with art.

Every caring parent, first of all, wants his child to develop creative and intellectually. Modern pedagogy of development offers a lot of aids for this. But the educational toys are reliable and proven method for centuries. And in particular, the mosaic is the one of the most promising games in terms of children's creative development.

You can buy mosaic in every toy store, and they all look different. There are round or square pieces in some of them, and somewhere there can be found pieces of thevarious forms. The same goes for the color:mosaic can be the one coloror multi-colored. Surely any mosaic is useful for the child, as it has very importantqualities for the educational game.
Firstly, it develops fine motor skills which lead to the development of the child intelligence. Secondly, it develops critical mental functions: attention, observation, logical thinking. And, finally, it encourages the dynamic development of the imagination and fantasy which is the key to the formation of thechild creative personality.
We offerthe great solutionto parents who have the iOS devices: the interactive kids’ mosaic for iPad/iPhone. It is much easier and more practical to use than a real mosaic, but at that time itkeeps all its developmental potential. You can put together the mosaic pieces very easily and simply because of the well-designed and optimized interface of this developing program, even on the small screen of the iPhone.
You will find two options in our mosaic: "Adventure mode" and "Free mode". Let’s get a view of these modes in detail.

The first mode presents 36 bright pictures that can be composed in the form of mosaics in the "My Album" section. Pictures are different in terms of complexity. There are used 9 types of pieces of different shapes in 12 colors.

The gameplay is up to the following way: you need to fill the cells made of wood by the pieces of the appropriate shape and color. To help the youngest users we offer the hint: the field will be outlinedby the contours of that cells where you need to put the pieces. If any piece is set incorrectly, you can use the eraser to remove it. When the mosaic is finished you can proceed to the next one. You can compose any picture you want.

We realize that nimble children will get done quickly with all 36 pictures. So that we added to "My Album" the "Public Gallery" that contains the mosaic pictures sent by users. The "Public Gallery" will be updated periodically, and there will be added more new pictures. Your mosaic can also appear in this album!

To do this you need to go to the "Free mode". Nothing will limit the creative expression of the childhere. You can compose any pictures you want! Any time you can take a picture of your creation and this mosaic will appear in the album of your device. In addition you can send us this mosaic using a special button. When the mosaic will be moderated, it will appear in the "Public Gallery" and will be available to all applicationusers.

"Kids Mosaic" from Little Beetle was developed specifically for children with the assistance of teachers and psychologists. The application is very nice in appearance and accompanied by a pleasant and joyful music. The controlling is implemented very comfortable for the child, andeven the smallest user will be able to understandthe interface.
The updated and much improved version 3.0 of the "Kids Mosaic" application from Little Beetle offers improvements on the following:
1. Fixed the bug with a black screen.
2. Made a solid piece of work on optimization of the whole application.
3. Improved all the graphics, interface and sounds.
4. Added a special form for contacting with the developer (write us your opinion and join the Little Beetle in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter).

5. Share your creations! The best mosaics will gointo the "Public Gallery" application section  and will be available to users from all over the world.

Video review of the application can be watched here:

You can download the "Kids Mosaic" application from Little Beetle here.

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