"Crazy Trip" is a road adventure with the benefit for the child development

16 November

Little Beetle is one of the leading developers of kid's applications for iPad/iPhone. We have many interactive games which were created on the basis of the real toys, such as bricks, mosaics, construction kits, etc. But all parents will agree that the children are attracted to not that toy which is beneficial from the developmental psychology and educational potentialpoint, but to that which brings more joy and pleasure. So today's children often choose mindless game, but with the richspecial effects and interesting interactive, rather than he sets eyes on the really useful educational game.

We’ve found a way out of this rather complicated situation. We decided to combine pleasant with useful. As we know, one of the most popular games for children is the various races. Of course, racing and cars are the privilege of boys, but girls also drive on the virtual roads with same pleasure. It’s very difficult to putoff the child of such game, especially if there is a specific aim and if hiscar can be improved and changed.

As a result, we have created a unique educational app. This is the "Crazy Trip"game, where elements of arcade game combined with developmental puzzles. Now we want to present you the updated version 2.0 of the "Crazy Trip"application.

Please be reminded: there are as much as 40 levels in the application waiting for your child, which complexity increases as he passes the game. Driving on the fun truck through the countryside, the child will meet a variety of tasks that require his wit and cleverness.

Of course, the most interesting is waiting for the child in the garage. He can change and customize the car to his own taste. Child will be able to change the color, to select the look of the wheels, body, andmotor, to decorate the car with beautiful stickers and even to paint it manually. All the accessories and decorations are not available immediately. The access to them is opened as far as the game progresses.

To open the new accessories in the garage, you should collect the gearshanged in the air while riding. Should be notedthe unusual way of the car to move around; it can sporty jump, roll over and tumble. The control is implemented in such way that the smallest user can quickly deal with it.

At any time, you can go to the garage and use a new accessory or just change the look of the car. The children love the diversity and they won’t be bored repainting the car and changing its external view constantly.

On the way, the user will meet the tasks that are directly connected with the road theme. So, there is provided a smooth transition between playing and education. First, the child is playing, and then while playing, he trains logic, memory, and spatial thinkingunwittingly.

Thereare all kinds of games: 6 types of them in this app. The child will repair a punctured tiremanually, fill up with gas (the game on the spatial thinking), build the unfinished parts of the road (the game on the logic), etc. Each of these puzzles is directed to develop some of the upper mental functions of the child.

In addition, for memory training and colors memorizing, the child will be offered to play with road signs and colored machine buckets which colors he has to remember and identifycorrectly.

This way the "Crazy Trip" application ensures the complex approach to the child development. There are fixes some bugsin the new version, in addition, there is improved the physics of motion. The application operation is fully optimized, and now it is even faster. The graphic is improved, and some sound effects are rewritten. The overall background music is improved. And now the application is available in full iPhone version with Retina resolution.

In the updated "Crazy Trip" you will also find a special form of feedback to the developer. We are looking forward to your suggestions and comments. Also, to have all the latest news of Little Beetle best kid's educational apps for the Apple devices, you can join us on the Facebook and Twitter.

Video review of the application can be watched here:

Dear Parents,we believe that anyone would never deny the fact that the best education for children is learning through playing. With all our hearts we wish your children grow and develop well, satisfying you. Buying kid's educational apps from Little Beetle, you can always be sure of the quality of our products, and that each application has a unique educational and developmental potential. We do our best for you and your children.

You can download the "Crazy Trip" application from Little Beetle here.

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