"123 ZOO" - learning numbers and comprehending arithmetic with Little Beetle!

11 October

Numeracy is one of the basic educational skills which determine the level of child’s mentality and his readiness for school. When the child turns around 1,5 years, parents begin to look for different ways to teach the child to count. Now modern parents have many facilities available which can help to educate children to count in a quick, effective and fun way. Little Beetle presents you an interactive application “123 ZOO” for iPad/iPhone, specially developed for the children to study numeracy. 

You can count anything, everything that the child can see. Of course, kids find interesting more exotic things. We have decided to offer to little users to count the animals, and made the application as a real zoo, and filled it with different creatures.

You will find four modes on the Home page of the "123 ZOO" app. The first is called "Learn Numbers". Here you will see the number image and some quantity of creatures that can be counted. A pleasant voice will announce the name of the number that the child can memorize it.

The next mode is "Draw Numbers". It is intended for that the child can remember the writing of all numbers. We use a similar principle in our interactive "Russian Alphabet" app for the iPad/iPhone to teach children to write letters. The child can choose from eight colors and run a contour of the number by his finger to get a picture of it. Little blue stars, which are animated during a finger on them, help your child to draw the number accurately and correctly.

Let’s go to the "Count Animals" mode. Here the child will see some amount of animals (from 1 to 9) in random order and will be asked to count them. There are five possible answers displayed at the bottom and the child has to choose correctly. You can "hang out" in this mode endlessly and the child will surely remember what exact amount of the shown animals matches to a particular number.

And finally, the most important mode is "Math Battle". When the child has learnt numbers, it’s time to teach him arithmetic. You can set an "examination" for your child in the "Math Battle" to check his knowledge in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

There are 3 difficulty levels in this mode: "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard". Be warned that the "Hard" level can be hard even for an adult. This difficulty level is perfect for the “examination” of schoolchild and prepares him for school and even for examinations. Learning the multiplication table with "Math Battle" from Little Beetle is very easy and fun!

In general, the user needs to choose the level of difficulty, and then decide what kind of arithmetic operation examples will display. You can set the mode where user will solve examples with all four arithmetical operations. Then select the team that player will "fight a battle" for.It can be not only "children", but also different funny animals.

So, two teams settled on the colorful boats and started a real fruit "firefight"! If the user has properly solved an exercise for a certain time, his team is shooting, and if not then the enemy team shoots. The results are displayed on the tablets right below the boats, and you can always keep track of how your team has pulled ahead.

The kids love this game play, where they can improve their knowledge of arithmetic. The whole application interface is filled with bright colors and fun small things: animated flying clouds in the sky, and the little cute "features" can be found throughout application such as moving balls which can be found on the grass in some modes.

Video review of the application can be watched here:

You will find an improved, updated graphics, correction of minor errors, and optimizing sound in the"123 ZOO" application new 2.1 version. New "123 ZOO" fully voiced in Italian! We hope that the children from Italy will be able to learn to count joyfully and easily with our application.

You can download amazing "123 ZOO" from Little Beetle here.

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